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Optimized Landing Pages
Boulevards Optimized Landing Pages

There are billions of pages on the Internet. We will make yours stand out in the crowd.

If you are online, you need to know the word "optimize." It may sound like Web jargon, but it's crucial to any Internet marketing strategy.

According to Webster, to optimize is to make something "as effective as possible." In online marketing, that means effectively reaching the search engines, so that when someone searches for the product or service that your business offers, your name pops up. We call it "Search Engine Optimization," and it can be one sure path to success on the Internet.

When you place your business on any of Boulevards' network of city sites, it will optimize brilliantly. That's because we've got Search Engine Optimization down to a science. Tricky stuff, but it's not rocket science—in fact, it's pretty simple:

Our content team is an optimizing machine.

We have spent years in research to learn the most popular search terms affiliated with your business, and we create editorialized, easily readable content that contains those terms.

We (probably) own the site for the city where you do business.

People know where they are and they know what they want. And studies show that when people are shopping on the Web, they tend to include both of those terms in the search field.

And so it helps—a lot—if your business has a presence on the site named after the city where you operate. Boulevards New Media operates in more than 100 cities, including 23 of the nation's 30 biggest markets.

Our Internet marketing experts will customize a landing page to suit your exact business needs.

Effective Internet marketing can be a powerful tool to make your business do precisely what you need it to do. Pump up sales in existing profit centers or expand your scope. Focus on core strengths or create new markets.

When you call Boulevards, a marketing expert will work with you every step of the way, helping you create an online strategy and taking it live. And once you are online, we can help you closely track the effectiveness of your campaign.

An Optimized Landing Page can allow you to:

• Brand your business on highly targeted areas of our sites.

• Reach potential customers at exactly the moment they're making a buying decision.

• Reinforce your message with pictures, promotional initiatives and other creative marketing ideas.

• Optimize for specific products or services.

• Collect data and track conversions.

• Set up a Web-to-phone or email contact system.

• Find out where calls come from and when they are made, to better understand customer trends.

• Monitor your Return on Investment.

• Quickly become the authority for your type of business in your market.

Contact a Boulevards Internet Marketing Expert today.

Put Boulevards' trusted brand, vast network and experienced team to work for you.