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Lead Generation
Lead Generation Services

Build direct relationships with your customers.

Unique among all forms of marketing, the Web is a truly interactive medium.

When businesses and potential customers communicate back-and-forth a relationship is formed which creates a powerful, lasting opportunity.

Boulevards New Media's Lead Generation programs allow businesses to build regional and national databases, primarily by gathering market research data, psychographic information and analyzing audiences through incentive-based marketing.

  • Develop and deploy promotions such as sweepstakes, contests, surveys or "votes" to build customer databases and gather audience and market research data.

  • Increase direct relationships between local businesses, event promoters and regional audiences.

  • Increase direct web traffic to a specific website or landing page.

  • Increase foot traffic and leads to your local business or event.

  • Increase new opt-in e-mail subscribers.

Boulevards Digital Marketing services can cost-effectively create, deploy and manage online promotions that build local customer databases.

Our goal is to develop long-term working relationships to successfully reach local users through the Boulevards city guide network. Bringing our users into contact with our business partners and clients.

In doing so, we can help our clients increase new business opportunities by providing continuous data on who's interested in their products or services.

  • Capture user e-mail addresses and mailing addresses to build your E-mail/Mailing Lists.

  • Capture valuable and current user demographic, psychographic and survey data.

  • Measure the effectiveness of promotions.

  • Demonstrate a tangible Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Provide third-party sponsors with customer survey data.

About the User Data Collection Forms:

Your Lead Generation Form will include a branded header, a description of the sweepstakes or prizes, and custom questions specific to what you would like to know about users.

It can also contain an opt-in question for sign up to your e-mail newsletter, and terms and conditions of your sweepstakes offer.


  • $100 (one-time set-up fee)
  • $100 Monthly fee & Hosting cost (shared list)
  • $300 Monthly fee & Hosting cost (exclusive list)

Why Boulevards?

Many companies offer data collection services, but very few of us have been around since 1996.

The Boulevards team's experience and expertise allows us to take database collection and management to a much deeper level. For more than ten years, we've made our living by connecting businesses with consumers at the right time, in the right medium.

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