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Enhanced Listings
Enhanced Business Page

Self-managed Enhanced Business Page and top placement on Business Directories.

Millions of local businesses are listed in the Boulevards Business Directories a real benefit and a useful resource for local consumers. Boulevards Enhanced Listings comprise of an Enhanced Business Page that includes many rich features for local businesses to market their products/services and an Enhaced Business Directory Listing on up to three relevant Business Directories.

An Enhanced Business Page indicates to consumers that your business is one of the leading establishments in town. Local Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Museums, Day Spas, Lawyers, Dentists, Auto Dealers, Antique Stores, Shopping Boutiques and more are taking advantage of Boulevards' unique brand which geo-targets local businesses like no other business directory in the market.

Enhanced Business Page includes:

  • Self-managed business page with the ability to make real-time updates to vital business information.
  • Removal of all competitive ads.
  • Select up to three key categories where your business page will be listed.
  • Branding with logo and photo gallery.
  • Events Calendar displayed directly on the business page.
  • Detailed business description up to 10k characters.
  • Call-to-action for reservations, sweepstakes, tickets, etc.
  • Links directly to website and email.
  • Viral marketing buttons.

Select specific directories to promote your products or services.

From our automated business posting process, you can specify which categories you would like your Enhanced Business Directory Listing to appear. You listing will include:

  • Top placement above all Free Listings.
  • Logo or image.
  • Phone number and Address.
  • Call to Action links.
  • Up to 150 characters of text.
  • Highlighted background color.

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