Management Team

Dan Pulcrano - CEO Boulevards New Media

Dan Pulcrano

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

A weekly newspaper editor who suspected early on that the future of publishing might just be electronic, Dan launched an online service in Silicon Valley in 1993, before companies like Netscape, Yahoo, Google and Amazon were gleams in their founders' eyes. It provided free email accounts, displayed articles and entertainment listings, allowed users to post content and chat with each other and let stores sell books online. Too far ahead of its time to go public, get funded or do any of those things that Valley companies do, it nonetheless survived the dotcom boom and implosion, defied the odds and hung in there until the rest of the world caught up.

Kyu Kyung - VP Platform Boulevards New Media

Kyu Kyung

Vice President, Operations

Kyu Kyung is the founder of World Cafe Productions and one of the creators of SF Station. He helped conceive SF Station thirteen years ago with the mission to bring the most compelling and relevant information to San Francisco. Since then SF Station has become one of the most recognizable media brands in the Bay Area. As one of the first city guides to allow free community postings, SF Station later introduced a full suite of online marketing services. Kyu and SF Station joined the Boulevards team in 2005.